Auto Expo 2018: Other Bikes Live updates

And finally Auto Expo 2018  has commenced today. One of the most anticipated automobile events in the country. While you can follow all the live updates here, here is what other bike manufacturers are showcasing today


Feb 09, 05:27 PM (IST)

That's the TVS Zeppelin concept with a high-definition camera!

Feb 09, 05:26 PM (IST)

Lohia Electric Scooters at Hall no. 6

Feb 09, 05:25 PM (IST)

The Vespa Elettrica scooter at the Piaggio stall at the Auto Expo 2018, Hall no. 2, stand no. E-40

Feb 09, 05:24 PM (IST)

TVS Zeppelin cruiser concept first look at Auto Expo 2018

The all-new TVS Zeppelin Cruiser concept will be the first cruiser offering from TVS. From the looks of it, the Zeppelin sports a similar power cruiser styling as seen on the Bajaj Dominar. The concept comes with a vertical LED headlamp, 41mm USD and a flat tracker styled handlebar. The instrumentation combines both digital as well as analog display showcasing the necessary trip and other details

Feb 08, 12:02 PM (IST)

And here's look at the Renegade Thor!

Feb 08, 12:01 PM (IST)

That's the Renegade Duty Ace! Cafe style urban cruiser. Low handlebar. Removable cowl on rear seat. 41mm front forks. Oil cooled 230cc.18PS/17Nm. ABS and FI by Dec 2018. Starting price Rs 1.29 lakh ex Delhi.

Feb 08, 11:57 AM (IST)

The UM Renegade!

Feb 08, 11:52 AM (IST)

UM Motorcycle also launches an online 3D customisation programme. It will let customers to 3D print custom parts at dealerships. 

Feb 08, 11:50 AM (IST)

UM Renegade is world's first electric cruiser with a transmission. 70Nm of immediate torque. 270km range. 180km top speed. Fast charger takes 40 mins to charge to 80%. Liquid cooling for battery management. TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity optional.Will help with navigation and other media services. 1st year service free. First 50 deliveries will be at Tuscany with a launch there. Starting price of Rs. 9.9 lakh. Localised India version by 2020 for Rs. 4.9 lakh. Will be mass produced in India in the future. 

Feb 08, 11:47 AM (IST)

Rajiv Mishra is now addressing the event. UM Motorcycles has reached 40 cities with 70 plus dealerships. They are now planning to move towards the Tier-2 cities. UM Motorcycles has 50% market share in 1.5 to 2 lakh range. UM takes a dig at Royal Enfield with mention of the power to weight ratio of its motorcycles.

Feb 08, 11:44 AM (IST)

UM Motorcycles will showcase the UM Duty 230, the UM Thor and the UM Vegas. The Duty 230 is touted to be their least priced offering.

Feb 08, 11:41 AM (IST)

We are now at the UM motorcycles stall

Feb 08, 11:28 AM (IST)

A closer look at the Flow electric scooter!

Feb 08, 11:26 AM (IST)

Twenty Two Motors has a facility in Rajasthan. 300 scooters to be made in a day. 200000 scooters to be made in the first 3 years.
Price of the Flow electric scooter: Rs.74, 740 (Introductory price)

Feb 08, 11:24 AM (IST)

Twenty Two Motors sees the old order changing with consumers not having to worry about things like fuel refills, charging stations, breakdowns etc. The Flow electric scooter has machine learning capability and is constantly connected to the cloud. The user will get a notification in advance in case of needing any repairs.
Hill assist to not roll back on slopes. It has a crawl mode.

Feb 08, 11:21 AM (IST)

Electric Mobility because the two-wheeler industry has only grown with new stickers so far. The Flow is India's first smart electric scooter - Twenty Two Motors

Feb 08, 11:19 AM (IST)

Twenty Two Motors to launch Flow electric scooter in a few minutes

The Flow will feature geo-fencing and remote-stop to alert the owner if it is taken out of a defined area in case of theft. The 22 Motors Flow will come powered by a 2,100W electric motor which produces 90Nm of peak torque. The lithium-ion power pack gives an 80km range on a full charge that takes 60 minutes and there is provision to add two more batteries to supplement the range.

Feb 08, 11:16 AM (IST)

Next up is Twenty Two Motors!

Feb 08, 10:49 AM (IST)

The display bike is a pre-production prototype. 
And here's a look at the specifications- 
60kw electric motor with 84Nm. 1 lakh / 5 year warranty on battery and motorcycle. Top speed 200kmph. 0-100kmph in 3 seconds. Range 200km (city). Highway range 150km at 80kmph. The motor is liquid cooled to maintain performance.

Feb 08, 10:44 AM (IST)

The Emflux One Will charge using a warp charger. Full charge 1 hour for a range of 200km - Vinay Raj Somashekhar, chief designer and co-founder

Feb 08, 10:41 AM (IST)

And here it is, the Emflux One! Taking the trickle-down approach as Tesla did and starting with a sportsbike. Deliveries to begin in April 2019 of 200 Bikes and building one bike a day. 

Feb 08, 10:34 AM (IST)

We move onto the next unveiling, the Emflux One!

Feb 08, 10:33 AM (IST)

Here's a look at the Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Scrambler!

Feb 08, 10:31 AM (IST)

Here's a look at the Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Cafe!

Feb 08, 10:27 AM (IST)

But the FXR and the Heist won't be coming to India!

Feb 08, 10:27 AM (IST)

And that's the Cleveland Cyclewerks Heist!

Feb 08, 10:26 AM (IST)

That's the Cleveland Cyclewerks FXR!

Feb 08, 10:21 AM (IST)

Here's a look at the Ace Scrambler!

Feb 08, 10:20 AM (IST)

All of these motorcycles to be sold in 30 cities by end of 2018

Feb 08, 10:19 AM (IST)

Here's a look at the Cleveland models for India. The Ace Deluxe!

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