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2016 Auto Expo: All that happened

12 Feb 2016  /  0
Associate news editor

Phew! The madness at the Auto Expo 2016 has just ended. It was a complete mayhem, I tell you, if others already haven’t. There was so much to see, so many people to meet, shake hands-exchange cards and last but not the least, so much to write-proof-tweet.

If you missed the expo this year, you definitely were living under a rock. However, worry not. We have the best automotive coverage from the expo listed out right below in the Launched at Expo, Unveiled at Expo and Inside Track from the Expo.

Launched at Expo: This list isn’t going to be comprehensive I tell you. While before the expo, many speculated including us, that so and so product will be launched, the manufacturers pulled one on us by announcing prices for just eight cars and seven motorcycles. If you were planning to buy a new car/motorcycle, you just might have to wait a little longer. Looking out for something fresh to buy from the Auto Expo , here is our list.

Audi R8 V10 plus

Audi R8 V10 Plus: The updated Audi R8 super car in its latest avatar was launched at the expo. This new car shares its tech with the R8 LMS car and is claimed to be 50 per cent lighter yet stiffer than the outgoing version. Claimed 0-100kmph time is 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 330kmph. If its a consolation, for the Rs 2.47 crore asking price, Audi also throws in a freeΒ Sportscar Experience training session for owners.

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BMW X1 (6)

BMW X1: The all-new front-wheel drive BMW X1 is now available in showrooms but with only a diesel motor under the hood. The diesel car is locally assembled at the company’s Chennai plant and the petrol trims will be launched at a later date. Deliveries will start from April 2016 though.

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BMW 7 Series (6)

BMW 7 Series: Like the X1, this is also an all-new generation of the 7 Series in India. The base, if I can call it that, Design Pure Excellence commands an asking price of Rs 1.1crore while the M Sport is priced at Rs 1.5crore. There are both petrol as well as diesel engines available, with only the latter being assembled in Chennai.

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Jaguar XE: Jaguar’s baby sedan for the India, the XE finally made its first appearance, at the expo and prices were also announced. Built on an aluminium monocoque, the XE is available as of now with 200 and 240PS turbo petrol engines. The diesel engines will follow at a later date. Prices for the Jaguar XE start from Rs 39.90 lakh.

Jaguar XE (18)

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Fiat Punto Pure: OldΒ wine in old bottle. This sums up the Fiat Punto Pure. Positioned below the Evo variant, the Pure has the same body as well as mechanicals of the previous-gen car. The interiors though are similar to the one we have seen in the Fiat Punto Evo. Prices start from Rs 4.49 lakh.

Fiat Punto Pure (2)

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