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Advertorial: JK Tyre – Be a Ranger

01 Jun 2016  /  0

Road rage is certainly one of the biggest issues faced by drivers all over the world. It makes driving one of the most frustrating things to do, instead of being a way to clear your mind and relax. What many people do not realise is that road rage can go horribly wrong. Several people around the world have died due to road rage incidents, which were sparked by something as insignificant as changing lanes without indicating. In Delhi alone, the number of road rage related incidents that have been reported are only increasing every year. According to reports, the approximate number of reported incidents went from 35 in 2010, to 50 in 2012 and to 90 in 2013. However, these are just the registered incidents. There are several others that go unreported, and therefore unknown.

That’s why JK Tyre, India’s leading tyre manufacturer is trying to bring about a change in thinking through the Be a Ranger campaign. The campaign aims to create awareness about the dangers of road rage not just to others, but also to oneself. It also encourages one to be a better person on the road, and to lend a helping hand whenever one can. JK Tyre’s Be a Ranger campaign shows us the benefits of being the better person on the road, and brings out the good in all of us. Watch the video below to know more.

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