Advertorial: Pradeep And Anubhav Jain Share Their Passion For Mercedes-Benz #WhatDrivesYou - Overdrive

Advertorial: Pradeep and Anubhav Jain share their passion for Mercedes-Benz #WhatDrivesYou

20 Apr 2017  /  0

We met a father-son duo – Pradeep and Anubhav Jain of Group Silverglades in Delhi and their passion for Mercedes-Benz is worth capturing.

Pradeep Jain has been a Mercedes aficionado from his youth and for over 3 decades has been a proud Mercedes-Benz owner. His son, Anubhav has imbibed love for the brand from his father.

To fulfill his duties as a father of two young children, Anubhav leans more towards Mercedes-Benz SUVs which also compliments his sporty lifestyle.

Watch Pradeep and Anubhav share their lifelong passion for cars, family holidays and sports here.



Driving your dreams – Ajit Dayal shares his passion for cars #WhatDrivesYou

People over the course of time accumulate various possessions. Each and every possession has its own need and place in our lives, but a car is something special. It has been said, “you are what you drive”, and precisely what is conveyed by Ajit Dayal when he talks about his passion for cars.

Ajit Dayal is a lawyer, a foodie and a travel enthusiast. As a child he was fascinated with cars, often collecting toy cars whenever he went to the market with his parents. Fifteen years ago Dayal turned his dream into a reality by becoming a proud Mercedes-Benz owner.

Dayal’s first Mercedes-Benz invigorated his passion for cars. Awestruck by the brilliance of the car, he now owns four gorgeous Mercedes-Benz cars. From a striking hatchback to a stylish coupe, Ajit Dayal can be labeled as a connoisseur of luxury cars.

His urge to drive the most exquisite cars has made life a pleasurable experience, he now looks forward to frequent weekend getaways with his family. Ajit Dayal shares his experience on why owning a Mercedes-Benz is more than just owning a car – it’s an expression of his personality and a part of his lifestyle.

Check out the video below of Ajit Dayal talking about his passion for cars and get a look at his four brilliant Mercedes-Benz cars.

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