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Everything you need to know about the 2017 Triumph Street Triple

06 Jun 2017  /  1
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The Triumph Street Triple is a darling motorcycle. Not just ours! The Street Triple’s easy-going nature and, when provoked, thrilling performance have earned it legions of fans around the world. In fact, we had one on our long-term fleet. That Street Triple proved to be a thrill-a-minute ride as I modified it to suit mytaste and preferences – I made it angrier. The Triumph Street Triple proved to be both malleable and insane fun! And now the 2017 line-up is about to go on sale in India featuring all-new machines. Here is every question wanted answered about the 2017 Triumph Street Triple. Ready?

Triumph Street Triple 765 S (2)

This the new family of 2017 Triumph Street Triples. Look close and you’ll see a black subframe on the basic 113PS S, red on the 118PS R and the brushed-metal finish on the 123PS, all-singing, all-dancing RS. All share a new 765cc inline three-cylinder engine and the aluminium frame

1. Is there a low-power version?

The good news is that Triumph has expanded the single-model line-up into three models for 2017. There will be more, we believe – the new Triumph Bonneville line began as three motorcycles and now there are seven. But a low-power version that requires extra money to be spent on mods isn’t one of the three new Street Triples. The engine displacement has increased from 675cc to 765cc for the 3-cylinder engine and that allows Triumph to offer more performance by default.

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