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Gear and gadgets: ARB Fridge-Freezer

25 May 2015  /  0

The 35-litre ARB Fridge-Freezer is powerful enough to maintain sub-zero temperatures even in hot environments upto 32°C. Larger sizes are available too.

ARB Fridge-Freezer 2

The fridge-freezer comes with a built-in 12V facility for DC operation through your vehicle battery, and a 120V facility so it can double up as a spare refrigerator when you’re not outdoors. Corresponding power cords are included in the package.

ARB Fridge-Freezer

Tree-hugger brownie points for this product can be attributed to its 100 per cent CFC-free operation, low power consumption indicated by the low amp draw (0.87A per hour from a 12V battery source, as claimed by ARB) and compatibility with a solar panel and generator.

The lid is fully removeable and so is the basket, which should make the fridge-freezer easier to clean and maintain.

Watch out for a full detailed review on this when we head out for our next road trip, stocked up with all kinds of nosh.

Price: Starting Rs 87,000
Available at:

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