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Hyundai i20 Active's AC is best among Indian hatchbacks!

11 May 2017  /  6

It’s the hottest time of the year and we, at OVERDRIVE, haven’t been taking it easy and cooling off in the shade. If fact, we’ve been doing just the opposite. Over the past week, we’ve been out, busy testing the air conditioners of several of the newest cars in the Indian market. We’ve covered a bunch of segments and vehicles from different manufacturers. But first, head to this link to read about the parameters of this test.


Done reading the parameters? If not, go back now and read them first! Alright, now here’s how the eight hatchbacks in our test fared. The car which came out on top is the one which managed to get the lowest temperature in the cabin. We’ve also rated six major factors for every car’s air-conditioning unit and here’s what the ratings mean:

5/5: Very Good

4/5: Good

3/5: Average

2/5: Poor

1/5: Very poor

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