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Hyundai i20 Active's AC is best among Indian hatchbacks!

11 May 2017  /  6
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1. Hyundai i20 Active

Hyundai i20 Active Travelogue

Min cabin temperature achieved: 24.7°C – 5/5
Rate of cooling: 5/5
Circulation: 1/5
Vent temperature: 5/5
Blower speed: 3/5
Noise: 2/5

The Hyundai i20 Active’s automatic climate control system turned out to be one of the best units in the test. It managed to achieve the lowest cabin temperature and it did so very quickly too with an excellent rate of cooling. Within two minutes of starting the test, the temperature of the air from the AC vents went from 56°C to a chill 19.6°C. By the end of it, the vent temperature had dropped further down to a chilling 10.9°C. While the rear vent temperature was around five degrees more, that’s still pretty chill. The difference in temperature between the front and the rear of the cabin was more than in the other hatchbacks despite having a rear vent, which is why it scored quite poorly in terms of circulation. The blower speed wasn’t too impressive either, with the wind emerging from the vent at around 30kmph. Despite that, the AC was quite noisy.

Hyundai i20 Active (6)

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