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KTM RC 390 long term review: After 10 months and 10,920km

08 Sep 2015  /  3
Former Road Test Editor

Sonic (that’s what it’s called now) has clocked more than 6,000km since the last report. Apart from my 80km commute, the major contributor to the total distance has been the long ride from Mumbai to Coimbatore and back. I finally took it home to meet my folks in Bangalore and then to the Kari Speedway in Coimbatore. The RC 390 is one of the most involving motorcycles I’ve ridden at Kari and it did put a smile on my face. However, small tweaks make it even better. I decided to change the rear suspension preload (up three clicks) to make it firmer. The new setting definitely helps – it is less wallowy now, especially when pushed hard around a racetrack like Kari but also on undulated roads when loaded up with luggage. On my ride back to Mumbai a bolt in the side stand came loose and it couldn’t be used till I stopped at the Kolhapur dealership and got it taken care of.

Sonic suffered a little due to a fall on the racetrack but damage was luckily minimal. The visor, clip-on handle and the rear brake lever had to be replaced. The repair wasn’t too expensive and the total cost inclusive of parts and labour only came up to a little more than Rs 1,000. The grippy Metzeler tyres had to be replaced too and lasted little more than 10,000km. The third free service was just completed and the motor seems to have smoothened out a bit. Front disc pads had to be changed while the chain and sprockets will have to be replaced soon. The headlamp beam height had to be adjusted since it was pointing higher than normal all this while. The current setting is perfect. The light throw and spread is a lot better too.
Total mileage 10,920km Date acquired Nov’14 this month: Mileage 6,140km Fuel 279 litres Efficiency 22kmpl


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