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Mahindra Mojo long term review: Introduction

13 Feb 2016  /  13

I did not anticipate this. It’s definitely not love at first sight but I’ve steadily begun to develop a liking for the Mojo. I love the way it sounds, and those pops and crackles from the exhaust are pure entertainment. It is a 27PS motorcycle but feels faster, like it has more power. The mid range grunt is lovely and surging past traffic is such a breeze. Mahindra has certainly made a good engine. I was a bit apprehensive about tipping the Mojo (it’s a 180kg motorcycle) into corners but those Pirelli Diablos are wonderful. What I’m not totally a fan of are the brakes. A couple of times, when I had to stop quickly, and on Mumbai’s slippery concrete roads, it felt a little scary. The brakes work, don’t get me wrong here, but for a motorcycle of that size and weight to stop quickly, ABS is a necessity, something that Mahindra’s working on. Besides this niggle, I’m quite happy so far.

Mahindra Mojo_longterm_feb16

There are no real issues and I’ve gotten used to the attention that this motorcycle draws. My guess is that the masses love its big size. What’s amusing is people’s reaction when I tell them that this is a Mahindra. I’m curious to discover Mahindra Two Wheeler’s service experience. Being relatively new to the market and with the Mojo as their flagship product, I want to see what it’s like to get a premium Mahindra serviced. More on this in the next report.

Total mileage: 3,977km, date acquired: Nov ’15, fuel: 147 litres, efficiency: 27kmpl

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