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OD Garage: Hyundai Grand i10 diesel after 18,300km and 6 months

09 Apr 2014  /  0
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Onnu… randu… moonu… nalu… anchu… aaru… ezhu… ettu… ompatu… pathu… You must be wondering what the heck is this? I was just counting the features in our Hyundai Grand i10 in Malayalam. Providing so many features is one of the major selling points of the car and owners love it. Hyundai loaded their Grand i10 heavily to satisfy the Indian customers’ desire for a great deal. And after a good few months with this car I am one such happy customer (until Hyundai calls for the car back!).


The push button start, electric ORVMs, steering mounted controls, gear shift indicator are the ones I personally love. If you follow the shift recommendations from the gearshift indicator, you gradually learn the right shifting pattern. The gear indicators are tuned to achieve optimum mileage but it works perfectly because there is always enough torque on offer for city crawls. My 35km each way commute involves running bumper to bumper for a long period. I follow the gear indication and it gives me an incredible city mileage of 19kmpl. But then again when you feel like it the Grand has more than enough poke to filter through traffic at a higher pace. My trips to Pune on the expressway during weekends are fast but cost me very little. I am a happy ‘customer’ indeed.

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