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Product review: Kent Magic Car Air Purifier

30 Oct 2016  /  0
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This lightweight (0.45kg) device plugs into the 12V car socket and purifies the air in the cabin. The device uses a 3-stage filtration process with easily removable carbon filters which have to be cleaned only once a year. The funky looking device has two modes. The first is apt for subtle smells or for dealing with situations like when polluted air enters as you crack open the window at the toll booth. The second setting is the higher powered one which quickly dispels cigarette smoke. We tried it in a friend’s car that is regularly smoked in and found the air smelling fresher in just a few minutes. Unlike other devices, this one doesn’t emit any fragrance and is also independent of the air conditioner (on or off). The filters inside the purifier can be easily removed or cleaned depending on the schedule.

KENT RO launches Car Air Purifiers
There are two downsides to the Kent Magic Car Air Purifier. One, it is quite big, almost the size of an external hard disk and requires generous space near the handbrake. Alternatively, you can stick it onto the dashboard with double-sided tape (not provided) if you plan on regular use. I for one used to place it on the passenger seat. The charging cable provided, extends till the rear seat and I have on occasions placed it there as well. However, it is not an everyday solution as the device may fall off during braking maneuvers.  Second is the high Rs 7,999 asking price. If you have no qualms on spending big on your personal comfort, you’ll be happy with the results this air purifier provides.

Available for Rs 7,999 at

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