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Product review: Kriega luggage series

22 Jun 2014  /  0
Editor two wheelers

I’ve owned these bags for years now and they’ve never failed to impress. This time, I folded my race leathers into the 30 litre pack and mounted the 20 litre pack on top of it with all my clothes in it. Over the whole journey, the Kriega mounting system worked as advertised and despite some movement from the pack as the bumps (especially in Maharashtra) shook it, it never moved or became loose enough to require any further attention.

Kriega US series

I mounted the 10 litre bag with the Kriega Tank attachment, a strapped base which turns the US10 into a neat tank bag. This is the bag I usually put the stuff I might need into – wallets, phone, keys, spare visor, first aid and medicine kit and any last minute items that needed to be packed. I love the fact that all the bags are waterproof – we got caught in a heavy hour-long deluge right outside Bangalore and I never worried about the stuff in my bags. Kriega isn’t officially available in India though they do ship to India and it is seriously expensive luggage, but in this case, you get what you pay for., Prices start £39

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