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Product review: Puig New Generation Naked Screen

16 Aug 2015  /  5
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It was pretty obvious from the word go that a 200kmph motorcycle without a screen of some sort wasn’t going to work for me. Triumph sell their own little peaked cap for the Street Triple (Rs 10,386) that anecdotally works well enough. But when I saw the pictures of this Puig screen (as opposed to the more common Dart screens), I knew it was meant to be.
Turns out, it was a good decision. The screen looks great in person and its near vertical arrangement means I’ve been able to chuck the front number-plate hardware without any undue police attention. More importantly, it’s a well-made screen that offers me buffet-free wind protection as high as 180kmph. Sustained high speeds are comfortable and I only feel a very slight turbulence between 135 and 140kmph if at all.

Triumph Puig screen
The mounting is easy too. A metal stay mounts up easily and the screen comes with custom-made allen bolts. The issue is that despite following the instructions to the tee, Indian roads shook the bolts loose repeatedly. This I finally solved with threadlock and a handful of 10 number self-locking bolts. Sorted.

Triumph Puig screen 1
The installation fix was unexpected but highly recommended. The same screen also comes in clear (if you prefer the all naked look) and dark smoke. Ultimate Auto Impex, however, are a bit slow to deliver so have a little patience.

Priced at Rs 11,500 and available at


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