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Product review: Targus AWE61AP Laptop Chill Mat

01 Sep 2015  /  4
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Pro riders are often seen with helmets placed on big fans at hot races like Sepang. Borrowing a very weak leaf from their pages, I ordered a laptop cooler. The idea began with my friend showing me a Rs 20,000 helmet cooling/drying device that was essentially a plate with a hole in it. Under that hole was a giant fan that could suck/blow the moistness right out of the helmet. But 20K is helmet money, not helmet drying money, right? So I ordered the flattest, cheapest (high quality) laptop cooler I could find – this Targus AWE61AP Laptop Chill Mat was Rs 1,300 on
I plug it into a USB supply and the fans spin right up with a low hum. They blow air upwards which suits me just fine. After every ride, I place my helmet on the Chill Mat leaving the visor open. The fans create a gentle breeze that circulates through the helmet and by morning, the Shoei is both smell-free and dry.

Laptop chill mat
I was worried that a strong airstream might caught the inner liners of the helmet to harden or deteriorate but after almost five months of daily use, the Shoei has only changed in one way – it smells a lot fresher every morning than any helmet I’ve owned ever has.
Obviously, the Targus itself is incidental to the success. If I were to break this laptop cooler, I’d order one of the slightly more expensive ones that have one giant fan in the middle instead of two small ones. As ever, remember that these were designed for laptops so if the helmet’s dripping wet, wipe down the drips before you place the helmet on the pad.

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