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Suzuki Gixxer long term review: Introduction

28 Feb 2015  /  1
Principal correspondent

I’ve been a fan of the Gixxer ever since I first rode it at the media ride last year. Since then it’s gone on to win every comparison test we’ve thrown at it and we are very impressed with this little Suzuki.

With 14.8PS, this bike is a lot more at home carving up traffic than handling long distance rides and it is a very effective tool in traffic. The immediate engagement is through the riding position that feels sporty while staying roomy enough for us taller riders. The meters which initially do look a bit confusing offer you every bit of information you need including gear position and time, and a shift light – easily the best in class. The compromise between ride and handling is also superb and you feel as confident running it through potholes as you do leaning it over in corners. I don’t have any speed breakers on my route but Alan, Lijo and Jatin have all complained that the bike has a tendency to scrape the large ones if you’re not careful. Fuel efficiency is not bad at all – we’ve been receiving steady 40kmpl plus figures on our commutes.

Suzuki Gixxer long term

So far the experience has been flawless but we did have an unusual instance where a friend with a brand new Gixxer discovered that our keys were interchangeable and that both keys started both bikes. That’s something Suzuki should look into.

Aside from that, the Gixxer has been running as sweet as the day we first got it. It’s smooth and eager, feels premium and special and is just an all-round happy motorcycle to ride. So much so that I doubt I’ll be the one writing its next longterm report.

Total mileage 3,798km   Date acquired  Dec’14   

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