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Video worth watching: Motonomad

07 Sep 2015  /  1

This is one guy who makes films that we like. A lot. Adam Riemann’s films have what we like most – motorcycles. Riemann has grown up riding and racing off-road motorcycles and his films reflect this in a big way. Having spent his life writing for various motorcycle magazines, the Australian motorcyclist has moved on to making movies now. From among his movies there are two that you really must watch if you like motorcycles. And even if you don’t like motorcycles (if you don’t, you should), then you should still watch them for the epic adventure that Riemann has managed to capture in his cameras. Motonomad is a movie about Riemann and his friend as they ride across the desert from Austria to Egypt. And Himalayan Hero documents Riemann and his father as they set off on an epic adventure in the Himalayas. For a sneak peek at the full movies, watch these videos. If you’re suitably impressed, head to to purchase the full movies for 24.99 Australian Dollars. It’ll be money well spent, we assure you.



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