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2014 BMW India 3 GT road test image gallery

Varun Anchan  /
28 Feb 2014 19:10:58 IST

We have exclusively tested the BMW 3 GT in India. You can read the test here and here are a few images of the car from the drive.

BMW 3 GT (7)The 3 Series GT interiors look as suave as any other BMW on sale in India

BMW 3 GT (2)The 3 Series GT or Grand Tourer fits into an appealing niche of cars

BMW 3 GT (3)Power comes from the familiar 2.0-litre turbo diesel which pumps out 184PS at 4000rpm

BMW 3 GT (6)The GT has a very well balanced compromise between ride and handling

BMW 3 GT (5)The high speed ride and composure seems more mature, not just over the 3 Series but even the 5 Series

BMW 3 GT (8)The electronically assisted steering is precise and sharp and weighs up nicely in Sport mode

BMW 3 GT (4)The 3 GT has one of the most spacious rear benches at this price point. This is with the driver seat adjusted for a six foot tall driver

BMW 3 GT (1)Handsome optional 19-inch alloys offer decent ride quality. Stock wheels are 18 inchers

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