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2014 McLaren P1 interiors revealed

Abhay Verma  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:13 PM IST

There has been so much buzz around the McLaren P1 ever since the first teaser shots were released a few days before the 2012 Paris Auto Show. Now, just before its Geneva debut in production form, McLaren has revealed interior shots of the P1. McLaren designers say that the P1's interiors, which resemble those of a race car, is centred around the driver. Just like race cars where the cabin is bare and stocked only with the minimalistic requirements, the P1's dashboard has lots of exposed carbon fibre and a fixed driver's seat. There is a Alcantara steering wheel, with a waterfall centre stack which has the Meredian audio system, navigation and HVAC controls, along with the digital instrument panel. Giving the interiors a fighter jet cockpit feel, are the panoramic sunroof and the raked windshield.

Further details about the P1 and its pricing will be available when the car is unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show 2013 starting March 7.

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