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2014 Vespa Elegante image gallery

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16 Sep 2014 17:58:56 IST

Vespa has unveiled thelimited run Elegante edition in India. Distinguishing it from the other four Vespas in India are an octagonal grille on the apron, a split seat, chrome bodywork protector and Elegante badging. There are no mechanical changes in the scooter and it is based on the VX. Two colours, metallic brown and pearl white will be available. Prices will be announced later this week. For the time being, we have an extensive image gallery of the latest offering from Vespa.

Vespa Elegante (7)The Vespa Elegante looks exactly like the stock VX, save for the new seat colour

Vespa Elegante (10)The Vespa Elegant will be available in two colours - a pearl white and a metallic brown

Vespa Elegante (5)The Elegante has a new octagonal grille on the apron instead of the current round one

Vespa Elegante (3)There are chrome bodywork protectors for the Elegante

Vespa Elegante (6)The meter dials are the same as those of the VX

Vespa Elegante (15)Vespa labelled foot rests are now available with the Elegante

Vespa Elegante (4)The Elegante comes with a front disc

Vespa Elegante (2)The seat is split but mounted on the same base. . .

Vespa Elegante (1). . . so when you lift the seat, the entire unit is raised. Storage underseat can fit in a half-face helmet

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