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2015 Geneva Motor Show: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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18 Mar 2015 17:14:25 IST

After announcing the Cayman GT4 for Geneva, Porsche hinted that there would be another performance car sharing the show floor with it. We were almost sure of what it was and we were right - it is indeed the 911 GT3 RS. Now in its fifth generation, the 911 GT3 RS is a go-faster yet still street-legal version of the 911 GT3.

Though based largely on the 911 GT3, the GT3 RS makes use of an uprated 4.0-litre boxer six engine that develops 500PS of power and 460Nm of torque - 25PS and 20Nm more than the 3.8-litre unit powering the GT3. From standstill, 100kmph comes in 3.3 seconds and 200kmph in 10.9s. The GT3 RS' engine is the largest and most powerful engine on any production Porsche currently. It is mated to the PDK automatic gearbox, comes with a pit-limiter, a 'paddle clutch' function (wherein pulling in both paddles together acts like a declutch) and the rear-axle steering.


In terms of the appearance, the 911 GT3 RS looks a lot like its marginally slower sibling until you look at the details. The attention grabbers are the air-scoops on the front and rear wheel arches. Look closely and you will also notice a recess (30cm wide) running along the bonnet and the roof. The whale-tail spoiler on the GT3 is replaced with a more tout and taller spoiler. The roof is sculpted in magnesium, while the front splitter, bonnet and engine lid are made of carbon-fibre. The 911 GT3 RS tips the scales at 1,420kg - ten kilos lighter than the GT3. The 911 GT3 also sits lower.

Though Porsche hasn't given out an exact figure, the company claims that the 911 GT3 RS has lapped the Nrburgring's Nordschleife in under seven minutes and twenty seconds, which is at least five seconds quicker than the GT3 (7:25.0) and significantly quicker than the Carrera GT (7:28.0) and the 911 GT2 (7:32.0).

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