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2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 unveiled

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26 Sep 2014 18:52:30 IST

Mercedes has officially revealed the AMG version of its brand new C-Class and as expected, it comes with a proper sledgehammer whack of power from its all new twin turbo V8 engine. The Mercedes-AMG C 63 is the second car after the brand new AMG GT to feature Mercedes' new naming system for its AMG cars whereby the Benz suffix is dropped. Also from the AMG GT is the all new 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 in two states of tune. Interestingly however, the base C 63 produces more power than the base AMG GT (456PS vs 469PS). The top end C 63 S gets the same 503PS as the AMG GT S. But there's a difference in the gearboxes as well - the AMG GT uses a twin clutch box while the C 63 gets AMG's Speedshift MCT 7 auto 'box. Mercedes claims a 0-100kmph sprint of 3.9 seconds for the S and 4.0 seconds for the standard C 63. Both are restricted to a top speed of 250kmph.

Mercedes C63 AMG

Mercedes C63 AMG 3

Mercedes C63 AMG 22

Mercedes C63 AMG 4

Other differences include a slightly sportier chassis set up for the S. The new engine produces more power than the legendary naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V8 it replaces but Mercedes claims that it is up to 32 per cent more efficient. The company also claims that it produces the roaring exhaust note we have come to expect of its AMG engines. Just how epic this noise is and whether it can hold a candle to the glorious, spine chilling noise from the old car remains to be seen. The C 63 comes with dynamic engine mounts as standard. These can adjust their stiffness in a matter of seconds so as to aid both comfort and dynamics as required. Aiding the sharp handling and drift-happy nature AMGs cars tend to display, is a mechanical locking differential in the rear and three step adjustable suspension. The C 63 AMG goes on sale internationally early next year. And yes, it will be coming to India some time next year as well.

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