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2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Yamaha Sports Ride concept unveiled

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28 Oct 2015 16:07:50 IST

Just a couple of days back, Yamaha had teased a car that they were going to showcase atthe ongoing Tokyo Motor Show. Now, at the Tokyo Big Sight, we got to witness the manufacturer unveil the Sports Ride concept carwhichborrows itstech from Gordon Murray Design-the company run by the eminent F1 racecar designer. Yamaha had first previewed Gordon Murray's iStream technology with the Motiv Concept which was showcased at the Tokyoin 2013. This technology allowsYamaha to manufacture a series of vehicles using similar methods, much like making different body style cars on the same assembly line. TheSports Ride concept usescarbon-fibre, tubular sub-frames and composite body panels.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept (4)

Gordon Murray's weight saving Istream carbon chassis of the Sports Ride conceptGordon Murray's weight saving iStream carbon chassis inthe Sports Ride concept

The Yamaha Sports Ride concept showcased is a two-seater, mid-engined sportscar with a well furnished cabin. While details about the powertrain are scanty at the moment, we hope Yamaha does re-enter the world of four-wheels with a production version of this car. Soon!

We're at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show and will be reporting from the Tokyo Big Sight all day long. Bookmark OVERDRIVE's 2015 Tokyo Motor Show page to stay updated.

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