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2016 Auto Expo: Audi showcases S3 Cabriolet

Rishaad Mody  | Published: February 05, 2016, 02:56 PM IST

Last year, Audi took the brave step of launching the A3 Cabriolet in India, making them the only manufacturer to offer a convertible based on a sedan in that segment. Now, the company has shown the spicier S3 version of the A3 Cabriolet at the 2016 Auto Expo that offers the same style but with a lot more substance.

Dynamic photo Colour: Misano Red

Powering the S3 is a 2.0-litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that makes 300PS and 380Nm which is sent to all four wheels via a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. That makes it a far more potent machine than the 180PS front wheel drive A3 Cabriolet that is currently available.

Expect Audi to launch the S3 Cabriolet some time in 2016 at a price considerably higher than the current A3 Cabriolet's Rs 44.75 lakh mark and some where close to the Rs 62.95 lakh S5 Sportback

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