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2016 Auto Expo: Datsun Go-Cross concept showcased

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11 Feb 2016 14:06:29 IST

Datsun intends to change theperception of being a manufacturer of economical vehicles, with the new Go-Cross, a crossover based on the Go platform. Showcased for the first time in India at the 2016 Auto Expo, the Go-Cross will be a flagship model that will sitabovethe Go hatchback and the Go+ MPV.

The Datsun GO-cross Concept showcases the brand's vision for possible expansion of the Datsun GO/GO+ family in high growth markets. The concept investigates the market potential of a cross-over with spirit and a sense of adventure. It's a car that fully handles the day-to-day routine yet still has plenty left for holidays or weekend fun.

The Go-Cross displays the design direction forDatsun's futureofferings. The crossover will be an 'adventurous' addition to the existing portfolio. The details on the specifications of the Go-Cross are still not out. But at the 2015Tokyo Motor Show, where it made its global debut, Koji Nagano,Datsun design head, said that the crossover can be modified to cater to various market requirements. This means that Datsun maylook into slotting the Go-Cross in the sub-4-metre bracket to benefit from the duty cuts.

From the looks of it, the Datsun Go-Cross concept is clearly inspired from the brand's generic design theme. However, there are flamboyant bits such as LED daytime running lights, wing mirrors and matte cladding on the side with large wheels and tyres. These additions maynot make it into the production version. In terms of engine options, the Go-Cross will be powered by the existing options in different tunes to make it more crossover-like.

Datsun GO-cross Concept (11)

The Datsun Go-Cross will be targeted at first time buyers looking for a lifestyle vehicle. Datsun might not price it conservatively as Vincent Cobee, Datsun global head, stated earlier "Datsun does not build cheap cars, Datsun builds cars for people willing to spend a year or two's worth of disposable income on them."

The growing popularity of crossovers in India will benefit the Go-Cross on multiple grounds. Firstly, the production capacity of the Renault-Nissan plant in Chennai can be used at its optimum which at present is only 60 per cent of the total capacity of 4.8 lakh units. Secondly, Datsun can make India a manufacturing hub for exporting the Go-Cross to high growth markets such as Indonesia, Russia, South Africa and even parts of Europe.

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