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2016 Auto Expo: Everything you'll see at Audi's stall

Ashok George  /
03 Feb 2016 20:11:00 IST

The Audi pavilion at the Auto Expo was one of the busiest of all. They had a total of ten cars on display out of which three were unveiled at their press conference.

Standaufnahme    Farbe: Scubablau    Audi TT:Das Fahrzeug wird noch nicht zum Kauf angeboten. Es besitzt noch keine Gesamtbetriebserlaubnis und unterliegt daher nicht der Richtlinie 1999/94/EG. Vorlaeufige Werte: Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert in l/100 km: 7,1 - 4,2; CO2-Emission kombiniert in g/km: 164 - 110

There was the TT Coupe and the Q7 which are already available in showrooms. They also had on display the SQ7 and the S3 Cabriolet. Then there was the Audi A6 Allroad - Audi's idea of an estate that keeps going way beyond where regular estates give up.

Audi prologue

There was also Audi Prologue Concept on display. This luxury coupe that was first showcased at the LA Auto Show in 2014 could be the design direction which the new high-end Audis take. Also on display was the Audi A8L Security that features VR9 ballistic protection.

Audi RS 7

Now the juicy bits. Audi unveiled the new RS7 Performance that makes 605PS of power to fuel all your adrenaline needs. They also showcased the all new Audi A4. Both the cars will make it to India this year, but expect the RS7 to arrive before the A4.

Audi R8 V10 plus

Lastly, Audi also launched the new R8 V10 Plus. Mind you, we did say launched. The new car makes 610PS and can hit 100kmph in 3.2 seconds. The new R8 will be available at a price of Rs 2.47 crore (ex-Mumbai).

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