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2016 Auto Expo: Hero Splendor i-Smart 110, Duet-e, XF3R and Xtreme 200S unveiled

Rishabh Bhaskar  /
03 Feb 2016 12:42:01 IST

Hero Motocorp introduced four new concept two-wheelers at the 2016 Auto Expo. While two of these are slated to enter the production stage soon, the others are still in the pipeline.

Hero Splendor i-Smart 110

Hero iSmart (1)

The first concept is the Hero Splendor i-Smart 110. The motorcycle gets an all new 110cc, air-cooled engine, build from the groundsup.. The company says that the new engine offers 9 per cent more power and 12 per cent higher torque than the engine in the current i-Smart. It also adds that the Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 offers better fuel-economy than the current Splendor i-Smart. Other features include an analog-digital instrument console, stripped rims and split grab rails. The head and tail lamps are also new. Speaking of the headlamp, Hero says that it will stay on all the time as an extra safety feature. The Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 will be available in two trims- drum and disc. It rolls out in the market in a couple of months.

Hero Xtreme 200S

Hero Xtreme 200S (2)

The second concept is the new Hero Xtreme 200 S. It gets a new 200cc air-cooled engine that develops 18.6PS@8,500rpm and 17.2 Nm@6,000 rpm. It is also features a mono suspension which indicates that the motorcycle is built using a completely new frame. Hero says that the design is inspired by the silhouette of a Cheetah. The headlamp and tail lamps look like an evolution of the current Xtreme. This is also the first Hero product to feature ABS. The company adds that the new Xtreme 200 S will be launched by 2017.

Hero Duet-e

Hero Duet E (4)

The third concept is the Hero Duet -e. It essentially is the Duet with a 5Kw electric motor for propulsion. The company says that the Duet-e is its vision for smart mobility solutions but highlighted the need for better infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.

Hero XF3R

Hero XF3R (2)

Lastly, the company displayed a design concept, called the XF3R. Hero says that this concept represents its styling theme for motorcycles with engines above 250cc. The street fighter features USD suspension, single sided swingarm, trellis frame and an upswept exhaust which levels out at the that pillion seat height. It also has been conceptualised as a groundsup motorcycle with a new frame. The concept sported Pirelli Sport Demon tyres.

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