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2016 Indian National Racing Championship: Ishaan Dodhiwala and Karminder Singh tied after Round 1 of Vento Cup

Rahul Richard  | Updated: June 19, 2016, 06:02 PM IST

Round 3 of the 2016 Indian National Racing Championship came to an end today at the Kari Motor Speedway. The day held two races of the ITC and the LGB 1300 championships along with one race for the IJTC and Super Stock classes. The Vento Cup meanwhile held its first two races of the season.

Race 2 winners: 1st Karminder Pal Singh, 2nd  Ishaan Dodhiwala and 3rd Aditya Pawar on the podium after Race 2Race 2 winners: 1st Karminder Pal Singh, 2nd Ishaan Dodhiwala and 3rd Aditya Pawar on the podium after Race 2

Ishaan Dodhiwala won the first Vento Cup race with Karminder Singh and Keith Desouza finishing second and third. The second race however got a bit trickier as there was a short cloud burst just ahead of the start. All drivers switched to wet tyres and hit the track. Despite most of the drivers racing for the first time on a wet track, there was just one crash involving Rajiv Srivastava. Karminder Singh took first place, Ishaan Dodhiwala took second while Aditya Vijay Pawar finished third. This leaves Karminder and Ishaan at a tie for first place after the first round.

3. Tight entry into C1 during the second race of Vento Cup

In the ITC category, Arjun Narendran dominated the weekend by winning all three races this round. Ashish Ramaswamy, finished third in Race 2 behind B Vijaya Kumar, and second in Race 3 ahead of Deepak Paul Chinnapa.

Arjun Narendran (14), winner of all three races in the Indian Touring Cars class

Arya Singh won Race 2 of the LGB 1300 class, while Raghul Rangaswamy and Tejasram CS took second and third place respectively. In Race 3, Tejasram took first place ahead of Alex Bora and Arya Singh.

Tejasram CS (14) who won a double in the Rookie Cup (FF1300) categoryTejasram CS (14) who won a double in the Rookie Cup (FF1300) category

In the IJTC class, Keith Desouza won the final race of the round ahead of Vinod S and V Nikanth Ram. Deepak Ravikumar, who had crossed the line first in the Super Stock race was excluded due to a technical infringement, giving Raghul Rangaswamy the win. Veeresh Prasad took second, while Sudhaanand Daniel finished third.

The next round go the Indian National Racing Championship will be held at Madras Motor Race Track from July 15-17.


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