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2017 E-Class concept to showcase Mercedes-Benz's next-gen technologies

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14 Jul 2015 12:34:58 IST

2017 E-Class Road resize

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class concept will be packed with all sorts of technological goodies - a lot of them are aimed at adding that luxurious 'Merc' touch and a lot of them attrying to keep you alive in the event ofan accident. Mercedes' have always been known to be one of the safest cars around, but this time the car manufacturer has taken it one step further.

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The new E-Class will use a system referred to by Mercedes-Benz as Pre-Safe Sound and is said to reduce hearing damage in case you crash the car. This system initiates a reflex known as the Acoustic or Stapedius Reflex, which contracts certain muscles inside the ear in response to a loud noise.

Along with this safety feature, the E-Class will support adaptive steering which assists the driver while evadingdangerous obstacles, rear seatbelt airbags and Mercedes' Multibeam adaptive LED light system. It is also said to be offered with active emergency braking for cross-traffic and an air-bladder that pushes the passengers in the front to the centre of the car in case a collision from the side is detected.

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In order to cater tothe tech savvy customers, the E-Class will offer an array of features using Near Field Communication (NFC) that permitsthe use of a smart phone as a key fob to unlock or park your car and also Vehicle-to-X communication that enables communication with other cars that support this feature.

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