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2019 Kawasaki KLX140G launched in India at Rs 4.06 lakh

Team OD  | Published: December 13, 2018, 11:12 AM IST

Kawasaki India has launched the 2019 KLX140G off-road motorcycle in India at Rs 4.06 lakh. This one is not a street-legal motorcycle and can be only ridden in closed circuits in India. The Kawasaki KLX140G bridges the gap between the entry level KLX 110 that is priced at Rs 2.99 lakh and the KLX450 that is available at Rs 8.49 lakh. Kawasaki mentions that at over 14kg lighter than other off-road bikes with full-size wheels, the 2019 Kawasaki KLX140G offers more confidence while riding on any type of terrain. Kawasaki India dealerships have started accepting bookings and will start deliveries soon.

The 2019 Kawasaki KLX140G is powered by a 144cc air-cooled four-stroke engine. Kawasaki states that the air-cooled engine eliminates the need for radiators while keeping the chassis slim and lightweight.Additionally, the 144cc engine also provides strong torque ideal for learning riders. Full-size wheels help give more ground clearance on the trail and offer a taller seat height and roomy open ergonomics for taller riders while still enabling a comfortable reach to the ground. The easy and dependable electric start along with five-speed gearbox with manual clutch allow smooth and easy engagement.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Yutaka Yamashita, Managing Director of India Kawasaki Motors, said, "Kawasaki has legendary history of dirt bikes. The KLX140G is ideal for every beginner who is willing to gain experience of trail riding. The beginners normally are adults and big youth of all sizes. Yet, the lightweight KLX140G is a comfortable fit to suit a wide variety of off-roaders. Besides, India has suitable landscape for dirt bikes. Therefore, I am sure that the KLX140G will have excellent success in India.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 4,06,000
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)

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