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4 GUNA 4 coming this weekend

Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:16 PM IST

Northern motorsport is organizing a recreational off-road driving challenge called the 4 GUNA 4, which means 4x4 in Hindi. The event involves tackling off-road challenges in jeeps and SUVs. The course will consist of a series of timed challenges to be attempted by the participants.

The event will be held on October 9, 2011 at The Great India Place in Noida between 7.00am to 6.00pm. The winner gets a free entry into the Malaysian Rain Forest Challenge 2011.

For registration and more details on the 4 GUNA 4 you can call on 09910892281 or log on to

Here are the details

The event is conceptualized on the lines of the legendary 4WD global events like the Camel Trophy Challenge which used to run till a few years back and the currently running Malaysia Rain Forest Challenge. The 4WD vehicles and their drivers need to exhibit their vehicle capabilities and their driving skills over a man made technical obstacle course. The design of the course is such that it tests the car and driver on his and the vehicle's capabilities over the following parameters:



Engine Torque




Wading & fording

The vehicles are to attempt nine challenges laid out on the course and they will be timed through each of these. The driver and vehicle combination which takes the best approach and the least time is the winner. A competitor may choose not to attempt a challenge and take a fixed penalty for the same. A competing vehicle may have a crew of two and some of the tests also test the crews compatibility and their ability to work together.

The winner of the 4 Guna 4 will be given a free entry into the Malaysian Rain Forest challenge as a special gesture, where in he is exempt from undergoing the trail test rounds nor does he pay any entry fee which is close to USD 3000.

The competition is also open to teams which may attempt the challenges in tandem. In which case say a team of two vehicles may help each other through the competition and the cumulative time of both the vehicles may be counted .

The competitors seen at the start grid during the 2010 edition were a mix of Businessmen, Doctors, Students, IT professionals and housewives. There were ladies driving as well as navigating their male counterparts through the course. A similar mix and demographics is expected this year as well.

The Partners for the 4 GUNA 4 this year are, POLARIS the title sponsor, The Great India Place as the venue partner, Woodlands as the official apparel, Overdrive as the official Magazine, Slice of Italy as the F& B partner, Radio One as the official Radio partner, Malaysian Rain Forest Challenge as the overseas event partner and last but not the least Yokohama as the official tire partner.

This is the only such 4WD event in the country run on a stadium format to make it spectator and media friendly. The idea is to showcase the amazing capabilities of the 4WD through a series of dramatic obstacles to a large spectator base. The international tie up is to further expose the Indian enthusiast to the best off road competitors in the world to take this sport to the next level here on.

The event is conceived and managed by XSO ( xtreme sports organisation ) a sister organsiation of Northern Motorsport, the outfit behind the Desert Storm and the Autocross. XSO has been involved with two international overland expeditions, one from Malaysia , THE PETRONAS SOUTH ASIA EXPEDITION and the other from Europe , THE HIMALAYAN TRAIL . XSO is partnering Mahindra & Mahindra on all their expeditions in North India as well as their Great Escapes for 4WD owners.

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