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AptEner Mechatronics raises Series A funding of Rs. 10 crore

Team OD  | Updated: January 30, 2019, 05:21 PM IST

Bangalore based AptEner Mechatronics has announced raising Series A round of funding of Rs. 10 crore led by Inventus India and KITVEN.

AptEner Mechatronics had raised about Rs 4 crore in its pre-series A funding. The new round of funding will be utilised to provide smart two-wheeler accessories in the Indian market.

The BluSnap is held in place by a silicone-lined elastic strap similar to those found on off-road helmet goggles. BluArmor also includes two velcro strips that are attached on either side of the curved surface for a secure fit

"We are very excited that Inventus India and KITVEN are joining us for the next phase of BluArmor's journey. We have a slew of feature-rich products in the pipeline and this capital will enable us to rapidly bring them to market, expand quickly and strategically, and deliver on our vision around the world," commented, PK Sundararajan, CEO & Founder, BluArmor.

PK Sundararajan, CEO & Founder, BluArmor

AptEner are the creators of the BluArmor range of smart multifunctional motorcycle gear like the BluSnap which is the world's first snap-on cooler for a full face helmet. BluSnap is now sold in over 10 countries spread over four continents. The company has also launched the BluRydr travel companion app that auto-creates shareable travel stories, using the route you take, the places you stop at, and the pictures and videos tagged to those places.

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