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August 2015 issue of OVERDRIVE out on stands now

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24 Jul 2015 16:21:55 IST

The sub-4 metre sedan segment is currently dominated by the might of the Dzire. Can the new Ford Figo Aspire spell a might-shift? Can the S-Cross make Maruti more than just a maker of needful things? And is the questionably christened Creta really the firestarter in the compact SUV segment? The proof of the pudding is in the driving, chimes in road test editor, Halley.

August 2015

After answering all these burning questions, Halley rewarded himself with a drive in the GLE,a real SUVmeant to take onthe wastelands, but driven in scenic Austria. And boy, did Mr Mercedes reward him! Rishaad got to sample the Volvo V-40 - he loved it so much that he's been doing the running man since. Renault's Espace proved to Bert that an MPV can be more than just a people carrie-r. The EcoBoost-ed Mustang, meanwhile, doesn't really inspire road rage but is still a blaze on the streets - giddy up Ford and bring it to India, says Jamshed.

Motorcycle-man Shumi is no fan of the long walk, but he'll take on a Trek, any day - especially if its first name is Benelli, last name Amazonas. The GSX-S1000, Suzuki's new street-fighter, though turned out to be so fast, fun and frenetic- we may as well christen it the cycle of the werewolf. Meanwhile, Rohit went out to see if the Regal Raptor motorcycles are the new Chinese gunslingers in the cruiser segment or just pretenders in orange and black? Thenthere's the shining new ray in the market, the Yamaha Fascino - Rishabh reviewed it to tell if it's going to be the new alpha (and omega) of scooterettes.

Owning a three-pointed star car is everyone's dream - selectedace photographers play dream-catcher this month as they try to capture the Mercedes-Benz CLA for a salivating 16-page spread inOVERDRIVE. The iconic Volkswagen Polo has been here for 40 years, still alive and kicking and nowhere close to the green mile - Bob Rupani reminisces.

All this along with our motorsport stories of blood and smoke. How do you start your journey to becoming a racing star? Vaishali clears the mist with a full report on the Indian karting scene. But to succeed you have to be the apt pupil that Rishaad is as he learns to tame the Vento Cup Racecar. Meanwhile, Jamshed sates more metal lust at the joyland that is the Goodwood Festival of Speed and witnesses living legends of motorsport too while he's there.

All this in this month's issue of OVERDRIVE. Couldn't wait to get your hands on it now, couldja?

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