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Auto Expo 2018: Maruti Suzuki Concept Future S image gallery

Team OD  | Published: February 15, 2018, 10:51 AM IST

Maruti Suzuki had opened the Auto Expo 2018 last week by unveiling the Maruti Suzuki Concept Future S. Maruti Suzuki India says the Concept Future S is designed to reduce traffic congestion in India. The highlights will be design, head room, ride height and a commanding driving position. Maruti Suzuki says the Concept Future S is the design language that defines their vision for compact cars in India. The Concept Future S talks about best in class space from a compact SUV. The design is very bold in the sense that the front of the car uses more or less upright surfaces and the A-pillar is nearly vertical. The ultra-slim grille and headlights give the Future S a sleek and mean look.

Here's a look at the Maruti Suzuki Concept Future S:

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