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Bajaj Auto unveils the Bajaj V15, positioned between practical and sporty commuters

Shubhabrata Marmar  /
02 Feb 2016 13:05:51 IST

Bajaj Auto has revealed the new V15, a 150cc motorcycle positioned between the traditional and sportier commuters. The V created quite the buzz by announcing that Bajaj Auto had acquired the metal from the scrapped INS Vikrant - a deplorable example of our disregard for our history - and used that in the making of the V. A logo making sure this patriotic streak doesn't escape you is on the fuel tank cap of each Bajaj V.

Bajaj V 150

Rajiv Bajaj, president, Bajaj Auto spoke about the context of the Bajaj V15. He spoke about the company's history of differentiated products - motorcycles that offer more or different propositions than other competitors - as the base strategy for the V. This is the reason why 150cc was selected as the displacement for the new motorcycle.

Bajaj V 2

The V uses a styling package that Bajaj says is about strength and invincibility. It articulates this with a powerful looking tank, 33mm front forks (thicker than the segment's norm) and a silhouette that's halfway between a cruiser and a cafe racer.

The engine is an all-new 150cc DTS-I engine. Maximumpower is12PS at 7,500rpm and torque peaks at 13Nm at 5,5500rpm. This underlines the promise that the Bajaj V will be easy to ride, for commuting long distances and offer good economy too. The tyres are 90/90-18 and 120/80-16 - a tyre size combination that is more cruiser-like than commuter-like.

The commuters are priced just under Rs 60,000 while the sportsbikes are priced above Rs 70,000.

The Bajaj V prices havenot been announced. Exact prices will come later but prices will be between Rs 60,000 and Rs 65,000. Production starts February, and deliveries shouldstartbyMarch, 2016.

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