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Bajaj re-registers Chetak brand name

Team OD  | Published: April 15, 2015, 03:46 PM IST

Bajaj Auto has recently re-registered the Chetak name which has led to intense speculation that the company is heading back into the profitable scooter space. However, the company has refused to comment and its rumoured return to scooters is still very much a giant question mark. The re-registration of the brand name may be a red herring because most corporate organisations register and re-register brand names and trademarks as a matter of routine business. This is a way to ensure these names are available for future business and definitely not available to other competing manufacturers.

Bajaj Chetak (4)_

Chetak, is without a doubt, a very important brand name for Bajaj whether or not it re-enters the scooter space. Rajiv Bajaj told OVERDRIVE in an interview long ago that he clearly saw motorcycles as the space Bajaj should be in. Motorcycles dominate scooters globally and Bajaj is working hard at making exports a big part of its business which spreads its risk across markets and makes BAL a more secure, global business.

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