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BIC to host 2014 Indian Rally Championship

Team OD  | Updated: May 07, 2014, 01:30 PM IST

Buddh International CircuitReplace the Red Bull F1 car with a full-blown rally car and that's what you'll see at the BIC in 2014

Rally cars at the Buddh International Circuit. Yes, you heard right. The Buddh International Circuit is all set to host one round of the 2014 Indian Rally Championship. The BIC will join four other events - namely Nashik, Chennai, Chikmagalur and Kolkata - on the calendar of events for next year. It hasn't yet been confirmed which round of the championship the BIC will slot into, but rest assured the Buddh International Circuit will be a part of the five-round calendar.

OVERDRIVE can report that the sections of the BIC, on track and off, will be used as special stages for the rally. Not only will this give competitors world class tarmac stages, with a few racing lines thrown in here and there, but it will also give them world class facilities in terms of the service park, parc ferme and rally headquarters.

This isn't the first time that rallying in India has taken to an all-tarmac track. However, in the past, racing circuit's tarmac stages have been used primarily for Super Special Stages. Case in point, the SSSs at the Madras Motor Racing Track and Kari Motor Speedway, used for the South India Rally and Rally of Coimbatore. A full all-tarmac rally being held within a racing circuit - now that's a first!


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