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BMW builds a self-driving car... and it drifts

Team OD  | Updated: January 09, 2014, 07:15 PM IST

At Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, leading automakers are showcasing self-driving cars. BMW, however, has gone a step further and has developed a car that self-drifts.

bmw drift

At CES, BMW is showcasing a modified 2 Series Coupe – the BMW M235i ? and 6 Series Gran Coupe that can not only race around a track but also slide around corners like a pro – albeit being driven by a complex computer code instead of a professional driver.

The two cars are fitted with a LIDAR system, 360-degree radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras that track the surroundings.


You can watch the video of an M235i executing precise lane changes, run through a high-speed slalom and slide around corners at race track, without the driver so much as touching the steering wheel.

 Watch official BMW video here

This new suit of systems have been undergoing testing in Germany for the better part of a year, covering some 15,000 kilometres of real-world driving in cities and on the autobahn, keeping pace with 130kmph traffic.


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