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BMW reveals Vision Next 100 concept to celebrate 100 years of existence

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07 Mar 2016 19:13:41 IST

BMW is a hundred years old today andto celebrate, the Munich based carmaker has revealeda new concept called the BMW Vision Next 100at theMoosacher Strae 66.BMW claims that the Vision Next 100 will not only address autonomous driving but also work on the driver-vehicle connection.

BMW Next Vision 100

Adrian van Hooydonk, head, BMW Group Design said, If, as a designer, you are able to imagine something, there's a good chance it could one day become reality. So our objective with the BMWVision Next 100 was to develop a future scenario that people would engage with. Technology is going to make significant advances, opening up fantastic new possibilities that will allow us to offer the driver even more assistance for an even more intense driving experience."

He further added, My personal view is that technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience so that future interactions between human, machine and surroundings become seamless. The BMW Vision Next 100 shows how we intend to shape this future."

The company also saysthat the BMW Vision Next 100 will use modern production techniques such as 4D printing and rapid manufacturing. The interiors will have two modes of operation - Boost mode, which makes the driver take charge of all the operations while in the Ease mode, the vehicle shifts into piloted drive mode.

The otherhighlight of the BMW Vision Next 100 is the Alive Geometry concept which changes the interior and exterior shape of the vehicle by re-arranging 800 moving triangles that are set into the instrument panel and into certain areas of the side panels.

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