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BMW working on the successor of the Z4 in collaboration with Toyota

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30 Aug 2016 17:26:46 IST

It was already known that BMW was planning to end production of the Z4 at the Regensburg plant and now an online report has confirmed it. The second-generation BMW Z4, which was launched in 2009, was known for its sportier design. BMW has sold a total of 1.15 lakh units of the second-generation Z4. The Z4 will be succeeded with an all-new car that will be a result of a collaboration between BMW and Toyota.

BMW Z4 production

The new sportscar, which is reportedly named Z5, will arrive in 2019. The underpinnings of this car will also form the base of Toyota's new-generation car. Toyota is believed to revive the model name 'Supra' for the same. Test mules of this new-generation sportscar have already been spotted in Sweden. Even though all the test mules are heavily camouflaged, it still flaunts the sporty proportions in the design, new headlights similar to the one seen on the new-gen 7-series and a compact rear section. Additionally, the test mule sported a convertible roof meaning it would go through design changes for the new-gen Toyota Supra considering its hard-top profile.

BMW Z5 test modelBMW-Toyota sportscar

The BMW Z4 was a unique offering in the German car manufacturer's line-up. The Z4 competed with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz SLC and the Porsche Boxster. The Z4, surprisingly, never got the BMW's M-sport treatement. Also, it was not known to be as sharp in handling compared to its rivals. We believe with Toyota stepping in the same will not be an issue with the new-gen car as seen with cars like the Scion FR-S.

There are very few details on the engine options that will be offered on the Z5. However, it is believed that the single-turbo straight-six of the previous generation might be ditched for a smaller four-cylinder petrol unit. There is also a possibility of the new car to feature a hybrid power plant as shown in theToyota FT-1 concept.

Spied image source: AutoGuide

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