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Bugota hybrid cycles unveiled in India

Team OD  | Updated: April 25, 2016, 04:52 PM IST

A company based in Belgaum has just unveiled these hybrid bicycles powered by a 25cc engine. Bugota Gas Pedals feature funky styling and only use sub-25cc engines, so they do not require registration. So far they have three models ready – the Rs 26,000 Brute Force, the Rs 35,000 35, and the top model is the Rs 62,000 Bugota Classic - in the picture above. Two of these are retro-styled bicycles with one painted in super-cool Martini Racing colours. The Brute Force is a hybrid mountain bike with heavy duty suspension and off-road tyres. The bicycles have a top speed of 25kmph and will soon be available in the market.

Ergonomic Riding Position

Bugota gas pedal 1

The base Bugota Brute Force looks like one of those modern machines and has its fuel tank on the rear seat. The second-in-line, Bugota 35 gets a brown saddle and grips and is one size smaller than the Bugota Classic. The flagship Classic  gets a digital speedometer, cruise handlebar, digital speedometer and a leather bag. Both the mid as well as top flight units have their fuel tanks mounted on the front, like motorcycles. Bugota Gas Pedal says that the gearbox has been specifically designed for their vehicles and was developed in collaboration with MM Gears from Coimbatore.


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