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Castrol and Tata Motors create 'Castrol RX Super Max Fuel Saver' engine oil

OD Newsdesk  | Updated: August 21, 2013, 04:35 PM IST

Castrol India Limited and Tata Motors Limited have joined hands to create 'Castrol RX Super Max Fuel Saver' 10W-40 engine oil. The company claims that it is designed to increase the fuel efficiency of Tata trucks by 1.5 percent and save substantial amounts of diesel as well as operating costs.

L-R: Ravi Pisharody, Karl Slym and Ravi Kirpalani at the launch of the Castrol RX Super Max Fuel SaverL-R: Ravi Pisharody, Karl Slym and Ravi Kirpalani at the launch of the Castrol RX Super Max Fuel Saver

At a time when fuel prices are climbing and commercial vehicles are facing numerous difficulties in operation, the Fuel Saver comes as a blessing. "Castrol RX Super Max is being launched at an opportune time when the commercial vehicle industry is facing serious challenges. I am confident that this product will be a huge success and will benefit truck drivers as well as operators," said Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director-Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors.

The product, after conceptualization, underwent heavy testing for almost 4 years, both in the labs and on the roads. The aim was to create a product which could show significant improvement in efficiency yet be able to survive the extreme load that commercial vehicles undergo in terms of travel and terrain. Castrol and Tata Motors have shared a partnership for over 30 years in India, which has now been extended overseas in Bangladesh, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia.

"The Indian commercial vehicle industry is becoming more conscious of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which includes not just the capital cost but also the operating cost. Diesel cost constitutes just over 50% of the Total Cost of Ownership and the constant increase in diesel prices is a serious cause of concern for the automobile industry and the consumer. Castrol RX Super Max Fuel Saver has the potential to save almost Rs.20,000 per annum for a truck which travels about 100,000 kms during a year," said a company statement.


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