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Chidanand Murthy and BS Sujith win Pro Stock class at Rally of Bangalore

Team OD  | Updated: August 18, 2014, 08:18 PM IST

The third round of the Indian National TSD Rally Championship, the Rally of Bangalore, was conducted by Karnataka Motor Sports Club this weekend. SK Ajgar Ali and navigator MK Mohammad Musthafa who lead the Pro Expert category with a penalty of 27 seconds, emerged as Overall winners of the rally.

Pro Expert and Overall winners, SK Ajgar Ali and MOhammad MusthafaPro Expert and Overall winners, SK Ajgar Ali and Mohammad Musthafa

Meanwhile, Team Tata Motors swept all three positions in the Pro Stock class, with Chidananda Murthy and BS Sujith Kumar finishing first with a penalty of one minute, 35 seconds, followed by their team-mates Vikas Puttur-Sagar M at 1:36 and Saurav Chatterjee-Ashoke Kumar Basu( bagging runners-up positions.

Chidanand-Sujith (1)Chidananda Murthy and BS Sujith Kumar finished first in the Pro Stock class with a penalty of one minute, 35 seconds

35 out of the 43 teams that entered the rally finished the round trip route that kicked off at the KMSC in Mysore and passed through Anjanapura, Bannerghatta, Maralawadi, Kanakapura and surrounding areas. Champions from the first two rounds of the TSD rally, Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D'Souza couldn't take advantage of their lead at 50 points as they were among the eight teams unable to finish the rally due to mechanical problems.

Overall winners were again Ajgar Ali and MK Mohammad Musthafa. On bagging the win, Ajgar Ali said,"I am happy to win. It was a little different and speed was slightly more. The surface was mixed and the hill sections were also good. I am encouraged for the next round in Coimbatore and hope to do my best again." Sachin Singh and Prakash M finished second and KP Karthik Maruthi and S Sankar Anand finished second and third respectively.

The third round of the Green Run Rally witnessed Ravindra HD and Murugan clinch first place in the Pro Expert class title, while Vinay Kumar BP and Ravi Kumar BM won the Pro Stock class. The motorbike category was won by Dinky Varghese and C Shakthivel.


Rally of Bangalore: Pro Expert: 1. SK Ajgar Ali-MK Mohammad Musthafa (00:27 seconds time penalty); 2. Sachin Singh-Prakash M (00:30); 3. KP Karthik Maruthi-S Sankar Anand (00:34). Pro Stock: 1. Chidananda Murthy-BS Sujith Kumar (01:35 minutes, Team Tata Motors); 2. Vikas Puttur-Sagar M (01:36, Team Tata Motors); 3. Saurav Chatterjee-Ashoke Kumar Basu (02:35, Team Tata Motors). Green Run Rally: Pro Expert: 1. Ravindra HD-Murugan (01:30); 2. Abhijeet Pai-Chandramouli (01:38); 3. Harish Ranjan-E Velumurugan (02:05). Pro Stock: 1. Vinay Kumar BP-Ravi Kumar BM (06:02 minutes); 2. R Sai Prasad-Veerakumar (07:29); 3. Bharadwaj Rao-Anil Kumar (11:42). Motorbike Class: 1. Dinky Varghese-C Shakthivel (01:03 min); 2. A Dhanpal-Sankar S (06:39); 3. V Suresh-Balamurugan S (07:09). Couple Class: 1. Harish M-Aswini (35:50 minutes).


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