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Chris Pfeiffer retires from stunt shows

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01 Sep 2015 20:21:54 IST

Ace motorcycle stuntmanChris Pfeiffer announced today that he will no longer perform at stunt shows or competitions. The 45-year old athlete said on his social media profile that age is catching up with him and he feels that it is time to hanghisboots. Chris has been leaving his audience in awe for over 20 years now, in which he has performed in 94 countries including India.

Chris Pfiffer

After 20 years as a professional rider I've decided that it's time to stop riding shows. I'm 45-years old now and in the past months, it's become increasingly hard to ride at a top level. But this has always been my ambition and I've always said that if I cannot get any better then it'll be time for me to quit and to leave the field to younger riders," says Chris as be bids farewellto the stunt arena. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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