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Datsun redi-Go to be launched in India in March 2016

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07 Jul 2015 17:06:59 IST

Datsun which was recently revived by its parent company Nissan, has planned to launch its smallest car yet in India, the redi-Go. The concept redi-Go was unveiled earlier at the 2014 Auto Expo, and Datsun plans on launching the production car in March 2016. Datsun istargeting the entry level segment and will face tough competition from the Hyundai Eon and Maruti Suzuki Alto.


It will share the newly developed CMF-A platform with its sister car, the Renault Kwid which will be launched later this year. Given that the Datsun Go has been flagged down by the Global NCAP for its safety, or lack thereof, Nissan has probably given extra attention to this aspect of the redi-Go and might even offer better safety features when compared to the Kwid in terms of equipment.

The redi-Go is rumoured to use the same three-cylinder 800ccpetrol power plant used in the Kwid with no news of a diesel yet. This engine seeks to give what the average Indian motorist desires most, good fuel efficiency. While the production car might lose most of the eccentric styling cues of the concept car, it should hopefully capture the essence of it. The crossover look has lately been grabbingquite a bit of attention in India and Datsun seems to have kept up with the times by giving the car a tall stance and bold curves all around.

With prices expected to be between Rs 3and4 lakh, the Datsun redi-Go and the Renault Kwid seem be a breath of fresh air in this sub 1-litre segment. What should be interesting is how they fare against the Maruti Suzuki Alto which seems to be dominating the market.

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