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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride held in India

Rishaad Mody  | Published: October 05, 2016, 04:48 PM IST

Organised motorcycle rides are quite popular these days and are often held with the aim of raising awareness on a variety of troubling issues. One such ride that has risen to significant popularity worldwide is the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. What originally was the brainchild of a group of riding buddies in Australia in 2012 has now swelled to a worldwide phenomenon. Triumph India, which has collaborated with the ride, says this year's ride has taken place in over 500 cities across 90 countries with at least 50,000 'dapper' riders taking part.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016 (2)

The word 'dapper' comes from the fact that participants generally dress up in their smartest formal attire and set out on their (preferably) retro-themed bikes for the ride. For this one day, the word 'suave' takes priority over safety. The ride isn't plain fun -  the quest is to raise awareness and funds towards prostate cancer, a terrible disease that Triumph points out takes a life every hour somewhere in the world.

The ride has been successful in its endeavour, as a visit to the website shows a leader board of how much funds individual riders have been able to generate. Triumph says that the cumulative worldwide earnings last year was about Rs 15 crore while this year they hope to accumulate roughly Rs 33 crore or $5 million.

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