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Recently, a staggering 404 records were set during the Geared for Great challenge in Pune. 60 drivers covered two lakh kilometres in four cars over a span of 18 days. However, without the ideal set of tyres, it would have been impossible to accomplish such a feat. The tyres needed to be of the best quality, long lasting and very adaptable. That's where JK Tyre comes in with all its years of experience in making exactly those kinds of tyres for road cars and racecars.

JK Tyre

JK Tyre follows one principle – to go beyond limits. And that's exactly what they've done in this event. No other tyre manufacturer has even attempted such a challenge, let alone complete it. The completion of this challenge proves that tyres from JK Tyre are unmatched in terms of longevity, reliability and adaptability. Each car in this challenge did 50,000km pushing the tyre to its limits. The amount of wear and tear that tyres are subject to under these circumstances is immense. However, the tyres provided by JK Tyre took this punishment, day in and day out, with no complaint at all.

What makes things even more interesting is the fact that the tyres used for this challenge are the everyday road tyres that JK Tyre offers to consumers. This only goes to show JK Tyre's dedication towards putting out the best products in the market after thorough research, development and rigorous testing. Right from the beginning, JK Tyre has been proving its worth across the country in several motorsport events. Over the years, JK Tyre has become the most trusted tyre brand in the country, offering tyres for every kind of terrain and situation. Watch the video below to know more.

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