Advertorial: Save more and invest less with new-gen Ford cars

Advertorial  | Updated: October 31, 2019, 12:52 PM IST

If you were planning to buy a Ford car in India some time ago, you may have been discouraged from doing so. And that was because of the notion that Ford cars are expensive to maintain. However, that is far from the real world truth.

The American car manufacturer has launched the Ford Service Price Promise that rightly urges its customers and prospective buyers to believe in facts and not mere impressions.

Unlike any other car manufacturer, the Ford Service calculator lets you calculate your car's service cost in advance, helping you estimate outlay right at the outset. And it is not only the overall costs but also the cost of each repair and replacement that one's vehicle requires that will be offered to the customer before he/she decides to take it to the nearest Ford workshop.

Ford Service Price PromiseFord Service Price Promise

All one has to do is to visit the Ford website and then select the model followed by the type of repairs that needs to be done on one's vehicle. It could be either periodic maintenance, repairs and replacement or both.

In case of periodic maintenance, the owner has to mention the mileage along with the service interval date. Whereas in case of repairs and maintenance, one has to just choose the category and then the specific part. One can even actually calculate the part cost of a single unit of spark plug.

Apart from bringing transparency into the whole process, the Ford Service Price Promise also makes the after sales experience much more convenient for Ford's customers.


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