Advertorial: Small parts lead to big savings with a Ford

Advertorial  | Updated: October 31, 2019, 01:55 PM IST

An area where most car manufacturers don't pay attention to is sub assembly parts. And that is where Ford comes in.

The American car manufacturer is the only brand in the country to have worked extensively on sub assembly parts design. This was in addition to Ford focussing on higher localisation of parts, around 80-85 per cent in case of the EcoSport. Both these efforts were taken to bring the cost of ownership down and offer higher benefits to its customers.

Ford Service Price PromiseFord Service Price Promise

Unlike other car manufacturers, Ford integrated the sub assembly part concept in the design itself. As a result, one can avail the individual components such as fuel filter assembly, piston short block, starter motor, alternator and even the doors as independent parts from any of the authorised Ford spares and service outlets.

Prior to this all of the above components were only sold as complete assembly units making them more expensive to replace. However, presently, if any of these components are found to be not in the right state, you just need to replace that particular component and not the entire assembly. Even small components like piston, rings, pins and connecting rod can be obtained as an individual item from Ford's authorised centres.

The sub assembly parts and the higher localisation has clearly worked for Ford in India. Not only has it brought down the cost of ownership considerably but has also helped the brand price their products more aggressively in the automobile market in India.


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