Datsun Go long term review: After 3,874km and seven months

Jamshed Patel  /
12 Mar 2015 17:01:31 IST

The sprightly hatchback that drovethe revival of the Datsun brand has spentits first monsoon with OVERDRIVE, andhas surfaced with its head above the water.The rev happy litre petrol engine, the quirkyergonomics and the belying dimensions,all serve to make the Go as unique as itsname - but as we've learnt numerous timesfrom experience - uniqueness can often beperceived as anomalous.

The Go's instrument cluster comes witha real time and average fuel efficiency indicatorwhich, if accurate, don't bring great newswhile driving in city traffic. The rev happynature of the engine comes at a cost becausewhen commuting in Mumbai traffic, theGo seldom indicates a mileage of more than12kmpl, even when driven frugally. Irrespectiveof whether it's accurate or not, that's notvery confidence inspiring especially in a segmentwhere competitors' advertising campaignsrun on fuel efficiency.


The bench seat up front has had ourcuriosity and our readers' too since wefirst saw the Go, and now not only are weconvinced that it doesn't really serve asan extra seating option, it also serves as ahindrance. If the driver's seat is set back for atall driver and the passenger bench is movedup, the bench actually hinders the driver'selbow when changing gears, and this can bequite annoying.We aren't the biggest fans of the umbrellahandbrake either - last month we found it tobe a constant discomfort to the clutch leg - thismonth there's a new issue. Valet drivers in Indiaare, more often than not, quite inexperienced.So you have to make sure you point out theposition and the operation of the handbrakelever to them lest your car is returned to youwith a burnt out clutch or a damaged gearbox.Besides, handbrake turns just aren't the same.

Notwithstanding the quirks, the Go is stillone of the most sought after cars in the ODgarage, believe it or not. I've managed to keepVaishali from stealing it so far but the nextlong term report for the Datsun Go may justhave a woman's perspective.

Total mileage: 3,874km, date acquired: Jun'14, mileage this month: 818km, fuel consumed: 67.6 litres, efficiency: 12.1kmpl

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